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How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

The carpet is one of the major components of a living area. So, people want to maintain the carpet’s pristine look for several years. Not just that, they also want their carpets to be dust and odor-free. As their carpets represent a huge monetary investment, so they want it to last long. Clean Your Carpets

If you also want to keep your favourite carpet looking and feeling at its best, then you should get your carpet professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Remember that this recommended Carpet cleaning frequency is just a general guideline. It can differ depending on your individual situations.

Below are a few important questions, which might help you in determining the professional carpet cleaning frequency for your carpets:

How frequently you vacuum your carpets?

Vacuuming once a week would extend the lifespan of your carpet. Because vacuuming eliminates the loose particles found on the carpets’ surface, even before settling deeper. However, it hardly matters how frequently you vacuum, you would eventually require hiring a professional carpet cleaning service to extract the dirt and dust from your carpet. But in case you barely vacuum, then schedule a professional carpet cleaning at the earliest and preserve your carpets’ quality.

Does anybody have allergies in your house?

Carpet fibres function as a filter. So, they collect floating allergens and dust instantly. Over time, these allergy-inducing elements accumulate in the carpet fibres. And these particles would start floating in the air whenever somebody walks across your carpet. A thorough cleaning can only eliminate these allergens. And in case allergy issues are chronic, then frequent cleanings are needed to lessen recurring symptoms.

Do you have kids in your house?

Children mean spatters, spills, and smears. Whether it is finger paint, muddy footprints, or fruit juice, parents can face a challenge while keeping the carpets looking new and fresh. Kids and babies oftentimes spend huge numbers of hours on the carpets; hence you want your carpet to be clean and fresh always. Hiring an expert, who uses environment-friendly cleaning solutions would eliminate the soil and dust while keeping your children safe from irritants and toxins.

What is the colour of your carpet?

Light-coloured carpet brightens up a room instantly; however, it reveals stains and dirt easily. Maintaining the look of a light-coloured carpet would need a more frequent cleaning than the darker ones. But the best part is that the light colour lets you detect dirt easily that helps you in realising when you should deep clean your carpet.

We hope that now you have got your answer: Clean Your Carpets.